Thank you for your interest in scheduling a program presentation with Arizona Project WET! 

Please fill out the form below to schedule a presentation or field trip. If you have any questions please email the Tucson team at

Amphi Teachers, to register or find out more about the Water Festival program please contact Kirstyn Kay at or visit the Water Festival webpage

Outreach Scheduling
3 Grade Programing
4-5 Grade Programing
6-12 Grade Programing
Discovery Journey Lesson & Field Trip
The Discovery Journey consists of a classroom presentation and a field trip to Sweetwater Wetlands or the South Houghton Area Recharge Project (SHARP). Please choose a date below for a classroom presentation and a field trip. If you have several classes each day, please include your class schedule.
Sweetwater Wetlands and Water Festival Field Trip
Please select 2 possible dates/times.
Groundwater Presentation
Please select 2 possible dates/times. If you have several classes each day, please include your class schedule.
Home Water Audit Program
The Water Scene Investigation Home Faucet Audit consists of two class sessions with time for students to complete the home faucet audit in between. Students will need to have received their flow rate bags and aerators prior to the first live class session.
Other Region
Outside of these listed areas, we are unable to provide in classroom presentations or free aerators for your students. Thank you for telling us of your interest. If you would like to implement the program, we offer a free Home Water Audit Presenter’s Guide that you could use to lead the activity with your students. Please contact Lisa Townsend for more information. You may also check out the Community Action tab on our website where you can find additional resources, such as our faucet aerator installation video that walks students through the data collection process and shows them how to install new water efficient aerators. Your request enables us to seek additional funding for your region in the future. Thank you for completing the form.
Other Programing
Thank you for your request, if the program you are looking for was not listed please let us in the comment box below how we can help you.