Meet our incredibly talented and diverse team!

Passion drives educators to do what they do. This holds true for the Arizona Project WET team. With creativity, we stretch limited resources to accomplish so much! Filling the voids in the educations experience for Arizona’s students, we do things like work with teachers over multiple days to evolve their content knowledge and instructional practices, fully engage 1,000 school children in learning in a single day, facilitate student investigations of river systems, and empower students to lead their own water use audit and implement water savings.

Our AmeriCorps Water Educators are dedicated to delivering quality water education to K-12 students in Tucson. Learn more about our AmeriCorps program here


Program Coordinator

Photo of Josh Ruddick

Josh Ruddick

Tucson Program Coordinator

Community Outreach

Photo of Arizona Project WET Community Outreach Assistant Clayton Lyon

Clayton Lyon

Community Outreach Assistant

Arizona Project Wet  Outreach Specialist

Brian Valencia

Program Outreach Specialist