Earth Explorers for 2nd Graders

In collaboration with APW’s Coconino Education Program, our Earth Explorers Curriculum Unit is aligned with the Arizona Science Standards and engages 2nd grade students in using models to explore the water cycle, investigate the movement of earth materials by erosion from wind & water, and how fires, floods, and droughts can impact those processes.

Participating classes meet the following Arizona Science Standards:

  • 2.E1U1.5: Develop and use models to represent that water can exist in different states and is found in oceans, glaciers, lakes, rivers, ponds, and the atmosphere.
  • 2.E1U1.4: Observe and investigate how wind and water change the shape of the land resulting in a variety of landforms.
  • 2.E1U3.7: Construct an argument from evidence regarding positive and negative changes in water and land systems that impact humans and the environment.

Teachers interested in this unit can see the lesson plans below. 

Interested in the Earth Explorer lesson plans? Download them below: