6th-12th Grade Programs

We're excited to get back into your classrooms and out in the field this year. If you are still interested in virtual programs because of limitations on field trips or guest speakers, please make a note in your registration that you would like a virtual program. All of the programs below are offered in both virtual and in-person formats.

Classroom Groundwater Presentation

APW's classroom groundwater presentation uses systems thinking and the interactive Parflow groundwater flow models. Students are challenged to discover for themselves how the system works and why it matters to them. The 50-minute presentation is designed to construct new knowledge, deconstruct misconceptions, and teach about the local groundwater system.


Discovery Journey Field Trip

The Discovery Journey program challenges students to make observations, explore, and discover new things in nature. In other words, they become true scientists. Students practice being excellent observers and sharing their findings with others as true scientists do and learn that science can be an adventure where you make new discoveries, see things you’ve never seen before, and have fun. Our lessons integrate research-based instructional practices developed by BEETLES at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

The Discovery Journey takes place at Sweetwater Wetlands. Students will need about 2 hours on site to fully engage in exploration of all that Sweetwater Wetlands has to offer.


Water Scene Investigations

The Water Scene Investigations (WSI) Program challenges people to become wise water users. By installing water-efficient devices like faucet aerators, hunting down and repairing leaks, and learning more about water-efficient appliances, Arizonans can save water and money. Our WSI teams, at home or at schools, investigate water use and put their learning into action to save water! We offer 3 unique school programs, listed below.