Tucson Water Journey for 4th Graders

This program includes an in-classroom groundwater presentation and a field trip to Sweetwater Wetlands as a part of a curriculum unit for 4th grade students. We are now scheduling for the 2022-23 school year! We are excited to get back into your classrooms and out in the field this year. If you are still interested in virtual programs because of limitations on field trips or guest speakers, please make a note in your registration that you would like a virtual program. During the in-classroom groundwater presentation, students discover and identify the parts of the groundwater system and explore relationships between surface water and groundwater using a 3D hands-on model and visual aid representations. After the in-class presentation, teachers have the opportunity to bring their students to a field trip at Sweetwater Wetlands. There, students will experience an oasis in the desert and learn about the role that wetlands play in our environment.

In addition to the field trip and in-classroom presentation, teachers deliver our 4th grade water curriculum that aligns with the Arizona Science Standards. Here, students engage with models and simulations to learn about watersheds, water conservation technology, and the water cycle. Teachers can schedule the groundwater presentation and field trip near the end of the unit. Participating classes meet the following Arizona Science Standards:

  • 4.E1U1.6 Plan and carry out an investigation to explore and explain the interactions between Earth’s major systems and the impact on Earth’s surface materials and processes. 
  • 4.E1U3.9 Construct and support an evidence-based argument about the availability of water and its impact on life.

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