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Build Your Own Basin-BYOB

When COVID-19 restrictions eliminated the ability to work with students and community members in person to build schoolyard rain basins, the Build Your Own Basin (BYOB) project was created. In this project, teachers engage students in the engineering design of rain basins using the AquaSTEM rainwater harvesting curriculum (Office Version).


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Students design rain basins to be built at their learning sites (wherever the student is currently doing the bulk of their schoolwork during COVID-19 restrictions). Where the sites and designs are feasible (determined by teacher and RtR staff) a rain basin kit containing tree, shrubs, native grass and mulch is delivered to the site. Families and students agree to install and maintain the small basins at their sites; either a family home or a small schoolyard site. The kit will contain either a rain gauge or hand-held IR thermometer for the last two monitoring protocols

BYOB Monitoring

Students will monitor their learning sites (with and without basins) and report their findings online. Details are available by clicking on the buttons below.




All Monitoring Links

Check out Watershed Management Group's BYOB Zine.



Overview of How To Build Your Own Basin

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Watch Joaquin Murrieta from Watershed Management Group explain how you can build a basin and benefit from harvesting the rain.